Month: September 2014


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2014DallasObserverBest of Dallas has arrived, and in addition to arts, culture and music picks it’s filled with more food than your stomach could ever hope hold for the rest of the year. I should know because I ate all of it.I love each one of those picks, much like parents say they love each and every one of their children. But the thing is, we all know our parents were bullshitting us. Your older brother got better grades, was better at sports and fractionally earned more of your parent’s affection.So if you twisted my arm, and really made me pick the best of the Best of Dallas, I would unequivocally chooseBoulevardier, which makes Dallas’ best burger. It’s just one of those food experiences I know will be with me for a long, long time and the Oak Cliff restaurant deserves the award in spades.View Full Article